Electric powerheads provide consistent performance and excellent cleanability of all flooring types. They are low maintenance, durable and provide multiple height settings to accommodate several flooring types (carpet, vinyl, hardwood, tile) in one home. All powerheads are available in convenient accessory kits.

Acclaim Electric Powerhead by SEBO

The Acclaim12 and Acclaim 15 by SEBO are built to perform and last while designed for maximum cleaning power, exceptional reliability, low maintenance and is backed by the industry's most comprehensive electric powerhead warranty with a 7-year warranty on the motor and a 5-year warranty on non-wear parts and labor. 

Prestige Pro Electric Powerhead

The Prestige Pro is an affordable electric powerhead with high-end features. The 6-setting height adjustment allows for powerful cleaning of multiple flooring types. The pivoting and rotating neck makes maneuvering under and around furnishings easy and it features a large 14" cleaning path to make cleaning fast. The Prestige Pro has a jam indicator warning light and a circuit protector with reset button to protect the motor from accidental damage. It features a 1-year residential warranty. 

Edge Electric Powerhead

The premium Edge electric powerheard is loaded with features that make whole-house cleaning a breeze! Designed to clean all carpet types and hard surface floorings and features soft rubber wheels to protect all surfaces. The locking neck won't let the powerhead tip over with the hose is attached and has a convenient wand release toe-tap pedal. The Edge also has an automatic overload feature that protects the motor from objects that are accidentally vacuumed up. It is backed by a 1-year residential warranty. 

Flex Electric Powerhead

The Flex electric powerhead is durably built with a focus on cordless, hassle-free cleaning. The multipurpose brush roller can handle both carpet and hard floor sweeping, and the quick-release system has made cleaning brush rollers easier. The Flex electric powerhead also features a Swivel/Pivot neck, LED lights, and a wide 9.5” cleaning path to ensure a spotless floor. It is compatible with nearly any central vacuum model produced within the last 60 years.